August 11, 2023

Laser Welding Watch Accessories

Laser welding is particularly suitable for joining small size or complex shape accessories that are difficult to access, such as cases, bezels, bracelets and hour markers in watch parts, where we use precision laser welding machines to join metals together to achieve a strong, waterproof and durable effect.

Laser welding watch accessories

Tip: In the actual processing process, you must modify the parameters according to the type and size of the material before it can be used.

1. Machine

  • Model: MT-W100QCW
  • Laser Power: QCW 100W
  • Software: MacWeld

2. Materials needed
Stainless steel

3. Parameters used in the process

  • Speed: 50mm/s
  • Power: 100w 60%
  • Frequency: 15Hz
  • Pulse Width: 6ms


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