We’re an international manufacturer of laser machines with headquarters in Dongguan, China. We focus on superb quality industrial laser systems, involving industrial applications such as laser marking, laser engraving, laser welding, and laser cleaning. We have 12 worldwide distributors, and more than 10000 served clients. Our machines are currently used in more than 100 countries around the world.

Get to know the industrial-grade laser system solutions and be our partner! Our company is looking for distributors to expand on the international market. A direct relationship with us means a better profit margin for you.

What Do We Offer?

Superb Quality Laser Systems

We start from engineering design, process production and manufacturing, carefully polish every product detail, and establish strict product quality management system to ensure product consistency and reliability.

Professional Technical Support   

We serve you with a professional team with rich experience. For any problems your may encounter, our experienced expert will provide 24/7 technical support for all distributors.

Extensive Marketing Support

We can provide product brochure, user’s manual, multilingual software system and high quality visual content (images and videos). Also, we can help with website construction.

Tailor-made Service

We pay great attention to industrial automation and software customization development, and can provide personalized industrial laser solutions according to the processing requirements of local customers.

Mactron Worldwide


Address:ul. Bogatki 10A, 02-837 Warszawa, Poland

Email[email protected]


Address:Side-street Budivelnykiv 18, Kyiv, Ukraine

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Address:Grossriedstrasse 4, 6462 Seedorf, Switzerland

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Address:No 23 Ground floor, Medan Permai jaya, Taman Permai jaya 14000 Bukit Mertajam Penang Malaysia

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Address:RM 2015 JSH375 Trend Centre 29-31 Cheung Lee Street Chai Wan HK

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South Korea

Address:대구광역시 동구 율암로 149-15

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Address:Jl bunga raya komp baloi imigrasi blok ee no.6a ,batam – island Indonesia

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If you believe that Mactron solutions suit your company’s profile, apply for our partner program by filling out this form. And, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our team at +86-15818389161 or email us at [email protected].