May 3, 2023

Laser Marking Color Panda on Stainless Steel Material

Born at the Beijing Zoo, Ya Ya was taken to the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee in 2003 for a joint research and conservation project. We marked the colorful pandas to welcome Ya Ya back to China.

Tip: In the actual processing process, you must modify the file according to the type and size of the material before it can be used.


1. Related files
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2. Machine

  • Model: MT-F80 (MOPA)
  • Laser Power: JPT 80W
  • Lens Size: 175X175mm
  • Software: EZCAD 2

3. Materials needed
Stainless Steel

4. Parameters used in the process
(1) Black

  • Speed: 1500mm/s
  • Power: 25%
  • Hatch: 0.001
  • Frequency: 800khz
  • Q pulse Width: 6ns
















(2) White

  • Speed: 1600mm/s
  • Power: 50%
  • Hatch: 0.05
  • Frequency: 80khz
  • Q pulse Width: 38ns
















(3) Green

  • Speed: 600mm/s
  • Power: 50%
  • Hatch: 0.001
  • Frequency: 200khz
  • Q pulse Width: 10ns
















MOPA laser marking machine is powerful and can mark various colors on stainless steel materials. If you want to make more excellent work by yourself, you can contact us. If you like our case, please keep sharing our URL.