What are the
glass products?

Glass is a valuable material in various fields due to its versatility, transparency, durability and aesthetics. It is widely used in fields and industries such as construction, packaging, electronics, laboratory, medical, automotive and furniture industries.

Glass products: windows and doors, bottles and containers, tableware and kitchenware, lenses, mirrors, light bulbs, beakers, test tubes, display panels, touchscreens, etc.

Why use laser marking glass?

Laser marking on glass products combines aesthetics, durability, safety and customization. It is a popular method used to mark or engrave glass products. Laser marking provides exceptional precision and control, allowing intricate designs, patterns, or text to be etched onto glass surfaces with high accuracy. It is versatile and can be used on flat or curved glass objects of various shapes and sizes.

Laser marking can be integrated into automated production lines, allowing seamless integration and synchronization with other manufacturing processes. This enables high-speed and consistent marking of glass products, reducing labor costs and improving production efficiency.

Laser marking glass
tableware or kitchenware

Glass is used to make various types of tableware and kitchenware, such as drinking glasses, plates, bowls and bakeware. Laser marking adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to glassware, and ensures a higher level of food safety and hygiene. Mactron laser marking machines can create permanent marks on glass, ensuring that the design or branding remains intact even with regular use, washing and exposure to high temperatures.

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Laser marking
medical containers

Glass is commonly used in medicine to make test tubes, ampoules, syringes, laboratory glassware, medical implants and surgical instruments due to its transparency, impermeability and resistance to chemical reactions. Laser marks the scale value, name or model on the medical container, the effect is permanent, clean and without any pollution.

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Laser marking
optical electronic devices

Some high-quality glass has special properties and is used to make lenses or prisms used in cameras, telescopes, and microscopes; it can also be used to make components for watches, smartphones, tablets, and display panels. Laser marking is a non-contact process that marks with excellent clarity, sharpness and contrast without any risk of damage or deformation.

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Laser marking
home decorations

Glass can also be applied to the furniture industry, such as table tops, shelves, cabinets, mirrors, lamps, art pieces and glass sculptures. Laser marking machines can engrave names, monograms, logos or designs on glass products, which can enhance their uniqueness and create a premium look and feel.

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