Laser cleaning of automotive parts

Laser cleaning is utilized in the automotive industry for preparing metal surfaces before painting, welding, or bonding. It helps remove rust, oil, grease, and other contaminants from car body panels, engine components, and other parts, ensuring better paint adhesion, corrosion resistance, and overall product quality.

Laser cleaning electronic products

Laser cleaning machine is used in electronics manufacturing to remove oxides, residues, and contaminants from metal components such as connectors, printed circuit boards (PCBs), and semiconductor wafers. It ensures better electrical conductivity, improved solderability, and enhanced reliability of electronic devices.

Laser cleaning of medical devices

Laser cleaning machine is used to clean contaminants, biofilms and residues from the surfaces of medical devices such as implants, surgical instruments and prosthetics. It ensures the cleanliness and biocompatibility of medical devices, reducing the risk of infection and ensuring patient safety.

Laser cleaning of aerospace components

In aerospace manufacturing, the cleanliness of component surfaces is critical to operational performance and safety. Laser rust removal machines are used to remove contaminants, residues and thermal coatings from turbine blades, engine components and other critical parts without causing damage to the underlying metal surface.

Laser cleaning of historical relics

laser rcleaning machine is employed in the restoration of historical metal artifacts, sculptures, and monuments. It offers a non-destructive method to remove dirt, grime, corrosion, and unwanted coatings from delicate metal surfaces without causing damage to the original material, preserving the historical integrity of the artifact.ust

Laser cleaning of marine industry parts

In the marine industry, laser rust removal machine is utilized for removing marine fouling, rust, and corrosion from ship hulls, propellers, and other metal components. It helps in improving fuel efficiency, reducing drag, and extending the service life of marine vessels.

Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser cleaning machines can remove contaminants, coatings, rust, and oxides from the surfaces of metal and non-metal materials. From automotive manufacturing and aerospace engineering to historical restoration and medical device production, laser cleaning machines find application in a wide range of sectors. Their precision, efficiency, and non-destructive nature make them ideal for tasks such as surface preparation, paint stripping, rust removal, and precision cleaning.

Applications of
Laser Cleaning Machine

Why Mactron

Comprehensive Industry Standard

First Chinese laser company to adopt Siemens electrical system, Safety warning signs and laser protective glasses comply with EU CE standards, the product conforms to European laser safety standard EN207, environmental protection export packaging wooden box meets SN/T0273-93 requirements, and the company has passed ISO9001 , SGS, TUV, etc.

Independent R & D Design

Mactron laser system adopts self-designed industrial-grade cabinet, self-developed laser-specific software and embedded DSP industrial control system, which gets rid of traditional Windows crashes, poisoning, driver loss, parameter loss and other unstable problems. The IO interface can be customized to support secondary development.

Professional Technical Service Support

Provide a complete industrial laser equipment service package (including: hardware instructions, software operation manuals, operation videos, technical parameters, daily maintenance, etc.), which can help you quickly start using.

Focus on Industrial Laser Solutions

Quickly respond according to the actual business needs of customers, provide comprehensive and systematic laser application industry solutions, greatly improve production efficiency and save production costs for users. Examples: welding Robot, cleaning Robot, automatic laser marker, IC chip laser marker, microphone laser marker, etc.

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