Laser Cleaning Machine For Rust Removing, Paint Peeling, Aviation Parts Cleaning

Laser cleaning is a new non-contact surface cleaning technology, which mainly uses laser beam to act on the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface stains, oxides or coatings can be evaporated and gasified or thermally expanded in an instant, so as to achieve the effect of surface cleaning and purification.

You can preset the cleaning mode through software, and directly use the machine without chemical reagents, media, dust or water, which has a certain practicality and reliability.

Typical Applications

♦Metal Rust Removal      ♦Paint Removal & De-Coating     ♦Mold Cleaning & De-Oiling
♦Aerospace, HSR & Shipbuilding Parts Cleaning      ♦Restoration and Protection of Historical Relics      ♦Pre-Treatment for WeldSurface & Coating

Why Mactron

Professional Technical Service Support

Provide a complete industrial laser equipment service package (including: hardware instructions, software operation manuals, operation videos, technical parameters, daily maintenance, etc.), which can help you quickly start using.

Independent R & D Design

Mactron laser cleaning system adopts self-designed industrial-grade cabinet, self-developed MacClean laser-specific software and embedded DSP industrial control system, which gets rid of traditional Windows crashes, poisoning, driver loss, parameter loss and other unstable problems. The IO interface can be customized to support secondary development.

Focus on Industrial Laser Solutions

Quickly respond according to the actual business needs of customers, provide comprehensive and systematic laser application industry solutions, greatly improve production efficiency and save production costs for users.

Comprehensive Industry Standard

First Chinese laser company to adopt Siemens electrical system, Safety warning signs and laser protective glasses comply with EU CE standards, the product conforms to European laser safety standard EN207, environmental protection export packaging wooden box meets SN/T0273-93 requirements, and the company has passed ISO9001 , SGS, TUV, etc.

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