May 16, 2024

Advantages of laser engraving stone

Stone carving is an art with a long history and rich cultural connotations, From ancient times to the present, the art of stone carving has been well-known to the public. Traditional stone carving is done by hand by stone carvers using chisels, hammers, files and other tools. Now, with the development of laser technology, laser equipment can be used to engrave stone. Next, we will show you the magical charm of laser engraving on tombstones and stone crafts.

Advantages of laser engraving stone

When using laser equipment to engrave stone, there is no physical contact between the machine and the object, which can effectively ensure the integrity of the stone and reduce the risk of breakage and wear. We can select smooth, flat stone with fine texture and use high-quality and delicate laser sources to carve images and text with higher resolution, contrast and clarity, and the effects are fine and beautiful.

Which stones can be laser engraved?

Whether it’s marble, granite, slate, basalt, bluestone and pebbles, lasers can mark very fine, sharp patterns to produce exquisite stone sculptures. In the case of tombstone engraving, the Mactron CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine is equipped with professional engraving software. The laser spot is delicate and its repositioning accuracy can reach 0.02mm (0.0007in), which can achieve high-precision engraving effects with delicate lines, beautiful images and clearly visible text.

It is worth noting that there are many types of stones, and not all stones are suitable for engraving. Different types of stone have different reactions to lasers. The processing effect of laser equipment on different materials depends on the type, power, software and other variables of the laser. In general, we can conduct sample testing and select the appropriate laser type and parameters based on the stone you want to engrave. You can contact us on the website or send an email to [email protected].

With the continuous development of laser engraving technology, laser equipment plays an increasingly important role in the design, manufacturing and processing customization of stone products. The use of 3D laser engraving technology to create three-dimensional relief patterns and textures on the surface of stone is also a new Innovative forms. Laser engraving machines can flexibly meet the unique requirements of each project, complete the engraving tasks of personalized gifts, memorial hall exhibits, building signs, landscape statues, tombstones and other stone products, and deliver more colorful stone carving culture.